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The Buffalo Garage® was born from the passion of two "boys" with the myth of American cars in mind that dot the common imagination.


And it was precisely to the muscle cars that were all the rage in the USA between the 60s and 70s that they turned their attention. In the late 1990s, they began working on their own cars and those of their friends, to later found the Hot Rods Motor Club association in 2011.

Thanks to the large following, the Buffalo Garage® was finally established in 2016®, a reality that could follow and satisfy the visceral desire of "American Horses".


At Buffalo Garage ® we are always available to listen to the requests of fans who contact us, because this reality is born primarily from passion. And we are also very careful to offer the best alternatives to always offer solutions designed around the customer by involving him in all phases of the project.


By providing 360° solutions and support for all phases, from purchase to transport, from restoration to nationalization, Buffalo Garage® is the only, true and inimitable One-Stop-Shop to make your American dream on wheels come true.

We are located in an industrial area placed on Via Domitiana, easily reachable from A1 at Capua's Exit (about 30km), about halfway between Napoli and Formia.

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